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Ashfaq Tahir

A Canadian CPA, Investment and Finance Professional with Real Estate Experience

About Ashfaq Tahir

Tahir is a Realtor ® with CPA qualification. He advises clients on variety of areas including real estate, taxation, accounting, finance and investments. Seasoned executive with a successful track record of helping drive commercial success on a global basis and leading teams through funding rounds, M&As, IPOs and exit deals, specializing in the areas of corporate finance, transaction advisory, financial cost and management accounting, financial modeling, including managing subsidiaries and investment portfolios for investment banks, investment companies and accounting and consulting companies.

He is experienced managing multiple functions in fast-growing private and public international companies. Acknowledged for ability to draw on combined business and legal acumen to work in unison with C-level leadership and board, providing strategic and tactical direction and influence. Dynamic change agent and team builder adept at bringing people together, instilling shared vision, and fostering collaboration. Industry expertise spans health care, education, energy, textile, IT, manufacturing, banking and insurance areas.

Tahir is currently working as a realtor with Homelife Galaxy Real Estate and director of Onshore Advisors ( and My CFO Portal (


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